Terms and Conditions

Legal terms and conditions of use of the Web site of ARIA TEL

The access and use by users (the "user" or "users") of the portal www.ariatel.com.co (hereinafter, the Web Portal of ARIA TEL ") of property of ARIA TEL SAS ESP (hereinafter," the company "), will be governed by the following terms and conditions: access to the Web Portal of ARIA TEL attributes the condition of user and implies the full acceptance and without reservation of all the terms and conditions that are in force at the same time the user access to the Web site of ARIA TEL. The company reserves the right at any time and without notice, changes with respect to the information contained on the Web site of ARIA TEL, as well as their terms and conditions. The modifications that are made will produce effect immediately to their incorporation into the Web Portal of ARIA TEL.

Then the terms and conditions of use of the Web site of ARIA TEL:


Intellectual property rights.

The marks, notices, commercial names, commercial propaganda, drawings, designs, logos, texts, etc., that appear on this website of ARIA TEL, are the exclusive property of the company, or third parties that prior and express have authorized it for use. It is forbidden any use or exploitation by any means, without the prior consent and in writing of the company, of any content included in the Website of ARIA TEL. The design and content of the Website of ARIA TEL is protected in accordance with the established by the national and international standards of protection of Industrial property and copyright, being forbidden: modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, edit, sell, or in any way exploit the design and content of the Web site of ARIA TEL.

Terms and conditions

In accordance with article 45 of the CRC resolution 3066 of 2011, the company's response to your PQR will be notified through email you provide for it. The answers to requests for personal data will be communicated in the same way.

Manifest that ARIA TEL SAS ESP has at my disposal alternate mechanisms of notification for the answer to my request, as are the marked in the code of administrative procedure and administrative court

Exclusion of guarantees and Availability

The company does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Web site of ARIA TEL and the services of the Portal as the same is in continuous updating, and consequently does not guarantee that the Portal will operate permanently and free of faults, nor assume any responsibility for the damage suffered by the user for the non-use or impossibility of use of the information or services provided through the Web site of ARIA TEL , as is not responsible for any damage or harm in the software or hardware of the user, which is derived from the access to your digital publication or the use of information or applications contained in it. The company will not be responsible for any damage or harm that may arise from interference, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses or disconnections of the Web Portal of ARIA TEL for any cause, including causes outside the company. The company will not be responsible for the technical problems that could affect the normal operation of the Web site of ARIA TEL. The user will assume full responsibility for the interpretation and use of the information contained on the Web site of ARIA TEL and will also be responsible for the violation of property and personal rights of a third party and/or against morals and good customs or the public order, that in any way damage, prevent the normal use , disable, overload or deteriorate the Web Portal of ARIA TEL and the services on the part of the users. In the same way the company is not responsible for the reliability or usefulness of the services provided by third parties through the Web site of ARIA TEL.

Linked Sites

The Web Portal of ARIA TEL contains links ("links") to other sites on the Internet that allow the user to have access to them, but in no way can be derived for the company any responsibility in relation to the quality of the products or services offered on the site to which the link is made or by the transactions that I get to make the user in these places of the network.

Products and services offered

The products, services and prices included in the Website of ARIA TEL are targeted to the general public as obscure people, and therefore will be necessary always a confirmation and acceptance by the company both of the purchase order as the payment made by the user, moment in which the corresponding Bill will be issued and will be understood perfected the sale contract between the user and the company. The term of the warranty of the product and/or service sold will be the fixed and informed by the manufacturer or importer in the body of the well, sticker attached, manual, packaging or similar. Once the term of the warranty expires the customer must assume the payment of any review, diagnosis, repair and/or replacement that requires good.

Records and registration of the users

Access to the Web Portal of ARIA TEL, Colombia is not subject to a prior subscription or registration by the user. However, access to some of the services of the Portal will be allowed only through prior registration. In this event, the user guarantees the truthfulness and accuracy of the data recorded, and is committed to:

Communicate promptly the changes of them occur so that the same stay up to date at all times.

Do not use your user account with different purposes or activities for the created initially.

Keep diligently and save with absolute confidentiality the password, preventing other people have access to it, and communicate immediately to the company their abduction and/or loss and, in general, any misuse of your user account by third people.

Not to copy or alter the pages or content that the company offers on the Internet, or associate them to other Internet pages.

Violation of these terms and conditions

The company will be able to carry out all the legal actions that are necessary to remedy any violation of the present terms and conditions of use of the Web site of ARIA TEL, even restrict access to this site to certain users.

Personal information/protection of the same

All the information that you provide the user through the Web site of ARIA TEL, you will be secured by a password. The responsibility to keep the secret of the key falls directly on the user. The user expressly accepts equate legally the use of the keys to his signature, so that the purchases, transactions, access and/or consultations will be deemed to have been in any case as valid, and you will understand that have been taken by the user, producing full legal effect. The user agrees to preserve the confidentiality of the password. In case of loss, theft or any fact that might affect your confidentiality, the user must immediately through this means to report the loss to proceed to block access and use of the Web site of ARIA TEL. Until the company is not informed of the loss of the user password, you will be exonerated of all responsibility for transactions carried out in that time.

Treatment and protection of Personal data

The user authorizes the company (Calle 39 # 25 - 18, Tel. +57 1 5087288) to collect, store, preserve, use, delete, update, share and circulate to third parties, your personal details of demographic, economic order, services, commercial and location; for obtaining and supply of information relating to compliance with their obligations and the calculation of economic or credit risk (irrevocably), the publication of telephone directories, the prevention and control of fraud, and for their own benefit or third parties with which the company has entered into agreement to send and receive any type of information, for commercial purposes or advertising in Colombia or on the outside. The information for the calculation of credit risk may be consulted in any data bank operator, by the financial institutions with which the company celebrate commercial agreements in favor of the headlines. The owner of the data has the right to know, update, modify, delete the data, and revoke the authorization exce pt legal exceptions.

By accepting the present general conditions that the user must know every time you enter the Web site of ARIA TEL, the user is accepting that you will be able to receive commercial or advertising information about the products, goods and/or services of the company or of a third party, in this or other pages to navigate.

Payment option

The company offers its customers the option of paying the Bill for the services and products through the PSE service (Electronic service provider), which is a centralized and standardized system developed by IATAI.

The company is not responsible for the reasons why not authorize the payment transaction, nor by the inconsistencies in the same, nor is obliged to report it to the customer.

The payment of the Bills of the goods and services is done through sites with secure connection (SSL). Without prejudice to the above, the client agrees to know the risks that you have in this type of transaction and therefore declares unscathed and free of all responsibility to the company. Is also available the option of refueling payment with credit card.

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